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Bend Tubes

Welcome To Bend Tube

Over the years Multiform Tubes have proudly established ourselves as being at the forefront of tube bending and tube manipulation industries. The reputation we have for outstanding service has seen us become the preferential choice across the UK for precision in this professional work. Our world class quality of workmanship is enhanced by our dedication to keeping the costs of our service down to highly competitive levels.

We are based in the West Midlands, with our purpose converted headquarters being located within the prestigious Hayes Trading Estate. This puts us in very close proximity to Junction 3 of the M5, giving us easy access to the national road and logistics network, making it all the easier for our valued customers to reach us with their requirements.

Our team of dedicated experts are able to work with all forms of metal tube and piping. Whether your requirement is for adjustments to tubes made of copper, iron, steel, titanium, aluminium or brass, we have the capacity and capability to deliver perfect, precise work.

The ability we have to bend tube of any shape or composition is of high value to several industries. Virtually every sector, from building and construction through to the medical profession, has a requirement for metal tubing to be bent for use. The needs and requirements in each sector are unique. One of the most significant aspects which contributed to our established name and reputation in the profession is our understanding of these unique requirements. We are proud to present a complete level of commitment to ensuring your requirements are met in full.

One of the primary concerns people have about specialist skills services such as ours is capacity levels. In certain industries it can often be the case that the more highly skilled and sought after a particular service provider is, the less capacity they can offer. We'd like to assure you that this is not the case with us. Our enhanced processes mean that we can meet even high capacity demands, as our work for several nationwide, multi-point businesses have shown. We deliver quality work on a scale that is as big or as small as your requirements and specifications.

Whether your requirement is to have just one length of tube bent and manipulated to meet requirements or it's for a large production volume, we are the expert professionals you want and need to do it for you.