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Bend Tubes


Multiform Tubes present a comprehensive range of services in respect of tube bending and manipulation. It is no exaggeration to say that if a change or transformation is required in respect of any form of metal tube or piping, our expert team are able to do it to perfection.

The work and services we provide in terms of metal tubing includes:


There are many instances where a metal tube requires a bend or curve to be placed in it in order to meet specifications or requirements for use. In order for this to be a success, the bend must meet the required angle with a low tolerance level, and further be carried out in a way that ensures the tubing does not buckle or weaken.

Through a unique combination of state of the art machinery and traditional artisan skills, our professional team carry out this work in a way that sees all requirements be met above and beyond expectations. We have the processes and the capacity in place to handle any level or volume in meeting your requirements.


Our manipulation work sees us adjust all aspects of a length of metal tubing to meet the purpose of its use. Broadly speaking, our work in this sector could be said to cover all aspects which fall outside of the remit of direct tube bending.

A quite frequent requirement, in respect of both domestic and industrial use, is for tubing to feature fluctuations in the diameter. As cutting and welding different diameters of tubing would lead to an inherently weaker end product, our ability to achieve the changes via tube manipulation deliver a more successful way to achieve this effect.


In order to have the correct diameter so that a length of tubing can flawlessly connect with the rest of a system it is quite often the case that the end of it needs to be reduced or expanded. We can carry this work out for you. Our renowned ability to work with low tolerance levels enables us to provide you with the tight, flush finish you want to have in place.


There are two critical success factors when it comes to drilling in metal tubing - making sure that the hole is drilled in the precise location and avoiding damaging the tube. We bring both to your requirements.

For all other tube adjustment or alteration requirements please contact us. A member of our team will be pleased to discuss the work we do and provide you with a comprehensive solution through our services.